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I can't begin to express how 'backed-up' I felt in the lead up to the birth, knowing I had a wise goddess to support me. I was proud of our relationship and my choices. Your intuition was spot on, your words were few but wise. You have given me memories I will hold forever of the most mindful and beautiful birthing.

Madeleine Lustigman

Having Vicky by my side throughout  my labour made a huge difference and really helped me get through the pain and stress barrier – she gave me just the right amount of (emotional and general) support, reassurance, motivation and comfort. She was simply fantastic. She turned my birth experience into one of the most positive experiences of my life. Vicky helped me believe in myself. Because of this, I can actually put this birth down as one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

Divya Mehta Shah

Vicky Walker

The foundations of my passion for birth work lay in my own experiences of giving birth. From here I have built ten years of experience supporting women's pregnancy and post partum health. Women are able to move forward with positive and empowering memories of their births when they experience well-informed preparation, confident navigation of the maternity services and feelings of security and trust for the people who surround them.


I place great emphasis on the ante natal preparation and how best to tap into your personal power during this momentous and transformative time. By developing a relationship with my clients during pregnancy I can understand best how to support them during their birth. No two birthing clients are alike and my aim is to be responsive and compassionate to the varying needs of everyone I work with.

My work within the peri-natal period is underpinned by a twin passion for natural health. I am a qualified homeopath and make use of homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutritional support for pregnancy, labour and post-natal recovery. I can also offer natural treatments for infant ailments and post-natal bodywork to help the body find equilibrium after the momentous impact of pregnancy and labour.

My birth packages are varied and dependent upon need but as a guide you can expect:

Basic Birth Package

A minimum of three ante natal visits where will explore your birth preferences and methods of informational, physical and psychological support 

On-call period from 10 days before your due date until whenever the baby arrives

Attendance on the day of your birth from the time you feel you need me until baby is born and bonding is initiated.

Includes any homeopathy or herbs prescribed to help during labour and recovery

Two post natal visits to help with post-partum healing (using herbs, homeopathy or bodywork) support with breast feeding and early parenting, sign-posting to further help where necessary.

"Closing the Bones' Post partum treatment to encourage abdominal organs, muscles and pelvis to strengthen and re-align 

6 week ongoing informational support via text or email

Post Partum Therapeutic Packages

I offer natural treatment during the post partum year for recuperation and healing after birth. I employ the modalities of herbal medicine, homeopathy, bodywork and nutritional advice to address maternal healing and infant wellbeing. My care enables women to move through this transitional period gently and with the careful, thorough healing, preventing ongoing health issues and setting up the best possible foundation for family life.

These are available as stand-alone sessions or in packages of three, five and ten sessions

Peri-natal Package

This includes full peri-natal treatment and support throughout pregnancy, labour and post partum. Using bespoke herbal infusions, compresses, sitz baths and steams, homeopathic remedies, nutritional support and bodywork to optimise pregnancy health, labour and post natal recuperation and detoxification. Tailor-made to meet each woman's individual needs. 

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