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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a deep understanding that supporting birthing mothers, their partners and babies to have empowered experiences of birth predisposes them to feel well-bonded and secure and to make confident choices as parents.


We do not advocate any ‘one way’ of birthing or parenting but help you to explore and discover ‘your’ way, informed by good quality evidence and based on your wishes and intuition.

We believe in a woman's ability to birth her baby best when well supported in her choices and fully informed of her options


As doulas we are uniquely placed to understand the impact of birth on the families we support - often spending months prior to and following the birth in an intimate way that other birth professionals do not.

We acknowledge birth as a sacred event and see how this prime experience of life can affect the physical and psychological health, well being and world view of a child and its family.


Our medical model of birth with it’s emphasis on the physical signs and symptoms sometimes neglects the human being beneath the symptoms. As doulas we speak to that human being and recognise the importance of empowering her so that she can emerge from her baby’s birth feeling strong, healthy and confident.


Whilst medical interventions are sometimes necessary, they also come with implications for the health and well being of mother and child. We are able to help you reach an understanding of the evidence base for the medical interventions you may be offered. This can help you to make informed decisions for your family.


We understand that every birth and bonding process has the potential to impact on their future health and wellbeing of mother, baby and the wider community positively or otherwise.

We recognise that good physical health and mental well-being underpinned by appropriate nutrition and sound support networks are the foundation of a healthy family.