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Manu was a wonderful, uplifting presence throughout the last months of my pregnancy; always available to chat when I had a concern or needed reassuring.  During my 12 hour labour she was always by my side, using various massage techniques and relaxation methods to keep me calm and focused.


Luke's unplanned water birth was everything I could have asked for. We could have never achieved such a wonderful birth experience without Manu's support.


Whatever my question, Manuela has been able to suggest solutions and products that have made my life so much easier.


Manuela has quickly become a trusted advisor and friend to my husband and me. She has helped us grow into our parenting roles with ease and really enjoy the time with our son.

Manuela Trisoglio


I am a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Post-natal Doula and Health Coach.  That’s in addition to being a mum to 2 amazing kids who fill my life with endless joy.   I love being a doula and feel so honored to have witnessed the birth of hundreds of babies!  I have one of the best jobs ever!



About Me -

My journey to becoming a doula started in 2001, when I was pregnant for the first time whilst living in Singapore.  I attended childbirth classes taught by Nikki MacFarlane, Founder of Childbirth International.

In attendance were an amazing group of doulas, who shared their knowledge, passion and drive for evidence based birth and commitment to enabling mums gain the knowledge and confidence to pursue the birth they wanted.  I went into labour feeling empowered to birth in a calm, safe way, whilst truly enjoying the experience.  I was hooked and began my training as a Doula.  


I also trained as a Childbirth Educator and later as a HypnoBirthing instructor, as I saw the two went hand in hand.


Birth Doula Package


Every woman has the right to choose how she will birth her baby, whether that is at home, in a birthing center or in the labour ward.  I will work with you to provide you with evidence-based information so you can plan for your labour.  You will learn what choices are available to you, what you can do should the course of labour not go according to your initial plan, and how you can still have a positive birth experience where you make the decisions on what you would like to do.  You have a choice in how you labour and give birth.  Sometimes all that is needed is a Doula by your side to gently remind you of how amazing and strong you are and that you can do this!  


I provide a minimum of 2 antenatal sessions to help you prepare for labour. I will help you write a birth plan, which expresses your wishes, whilst covering what interventions may occur, what to do in different scenarios and how to still be in charge of your birth, even when things don’t go according to plan. I will support you throughout labour and birth; I remain with you after your baby is born to help with bonding and attachment and answer any questions, and will visit you twice more post natally.  If you would like more support, this is something I am happy to arrange.


What else can I do for you -

I offer group and private classes in –

  • Childbirth Education

  • HypnoBirthing

  • Eating right and looking after yourself to grow a Healthy Baby

  • Newborn care and Breastfeeding

  • Post natal massage


Further Education and Training -

I have continued my training over the years to add to the skills I bring to the birth room.  These include:

  • Water birth training

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Rebozo use

  • Breast Feeding Peer Support training with NCT

  • Nutrition for all stages of life, from babies to the elderly

  • Postnatal Doula training

  • Closing the bones post natal massage



I love being present when a woman gives birth and has the broadest of grins on her face.   No words are needed in that moment of sheer bliss, when mum and dad finally get to meet their baby, to hold them, kiss them, smell them, and look into their eyes and welcome them to the world.



If you would like more information please contact me –


Phone: 07446 936 996