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“Arlene & I worked great together when it came to labour and I now have very fond memories of the experience”

“She truly took the time to get to know me”

Naima Mekhancha

“Arlene was superb. I can’t praise her highly enough, she was incredibly kind, caring and intuitive. She was also very emotionally & physically resilient which gave me strength”

Alice Reynolds.

Arlene Bailey

Having a baby is a very special time in a family and we all want the birth to be the best possible start. For some women it’s an exciting time, perhaps for others it is a time of anxiety – mostly it’s a bit of both. I am passionate about supporting you to get whatever you hope for from this intensely personal and unique experience.


I’m originally from Zimbabwe and I’ve been in the UK for 38 years. I spent 15 years in the corporate world as an Independent Financial Advisor, then changed course completely by starting my own dog walking and boarding business. I have studied dog psychology and would be happy to help your dog find his place in the new family. I love to play golf and try to be outdoors as much as I can.


I have two children of my own, they are 25 & 23 years old. I had two very different births – not without their difficulties – and took great pleasure in breastfeeding both times. When I was pregnant I helped to start up aqua-natal classes in Barnet and also promoted breastfeeding in the Borough.


I’m a very caring, down-to-earth person and I’d be happy to support you and your partner through pregnancy and birth, to help you educate yourself and guide you through the maze of information so that you can make decisions about your birth that are right for you.


I’m also a very practical person. I know that as new parents we spend so much time preparing and planning for the birth that we often don’t give enough thought to what comes afterwards. Those first few months can pass by in a haze, without us appreciating how special that time with our new baby is. I would be happy to support you in any way that you find meaningful and to empower you to enjoy that precious time with your new baby.


“Arlene is so calm that she just made me feel able to cope”

“She is kind, natural and lovely to have around”

Sara Pollins

My husband was and still is so happy that we had Arlene with us, cause giving birth can be hard and somehow you want to be hard on your husband  so they need a lot of support as well. They are not giving birth but they are becoming fathers as well so it’s a big stress for them also, but during my contractions the last thing I would think about was trying to understand my husband and make things better for him! That’s why he can not praise Arlene enough to everyone we know, and also advising everyone we know to book a doula as the best thing they can do.”

Erjola Vija